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Nerd Squad – 24/7 Service – 1 Year Extremely unsatisfying 1 Placed by: thedevil from: on $200 for a “we can’t guarantee” we’ll fix it- sux. If they must deliver it out- whatever that means- after 15 days “to repair it” will surely cost some value they can not calculate, that is not service in any way from Geek Squad. I already did nearly clean my mac apple store all of that myself, although they could do the most easy factor for $200. 0 out of 0 observed this review helpful. Pc goes fantastic! 5 Posted by: Marie from: on After my next session with all the Geek Squad (this 1 remotely), my computer currently operates so much better and quicker. No more “white displays”. Unsure why this is not more highly rated. 0 out of 0 discovered this review helpful. The Nerd Group protection that was previous was better 2 Posted by: Debi from: on I’ve had Geek Squad protection for several years – the last one before I repurchased it was and expired in September I had for 3 computers.

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I routinely needed the Squad protection, after I bought my HP Envy 2in1 in December. I regret it. Now, it only covers one pc for that SAME amount because the previous yearis 3 computers. This week I had to consider my spouse’s Toshiba laptop into be fixed, plus it was a pain. They’d it for almost a week before I had been termed, after which they mentioned the coverage rather than the problem together with the pc. It had been agreed upon that one price would be paid by me, after which we were notified to select on the computer up significantly less than one hour later. They said that I needed to get coverage first, and they had done nothing to it when I selected up it. I recently had a need to understand whether or even the computer could possibly be restored.

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Basically do get the notebook repaired, I’m having a Rectangular Business intend on it. It just looks that Bestbuy is just worried about giving company to pcs that are NEW since it was next to impossible to find rates on merely buying a plan. 23 out-of 26 located this review helpful. Very Disappointed 1 Published by: BulletinNewspapers on Why do you really need to create an appointment when there is NOBODY behind you in-line to invest cash in the Geek Squad Workplace, from? Inadequate customer support. I needed my organization outside to Staples TO GO AWAY a notebook to get a storage update. I purchased sets from Bestbuy.

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Your business won’t be doing that going forward. Mass store, North Attleboro 27 out of 37 found this review helpful.